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The timelines below provide an overview of the process steps and time frames. It is very important that every manager get familiar with the process, so please read it carefully and for more answers please see our Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs page.

  • September  - December 15th: Registration of participants on  Registration at the registered centers/schools is open. Registration fee is $21. For financial assistance contact
  • December 1: Before the end of Math Kangaroo registration, each Manager verifies on her/his Manager Page that t-shirt size is indicated for each participant.
  • In December Math Kangaroo sends an e-mail to families asking them to verify children names, participation level, participation place in e-mail confirming registration. Changes must be communicated to before December 15.
  • December 1: All lists of the students registered at schools where enrollment is limited to the school community are entered to our database by those centers managers or sent to our office at  All payments are in by January 1st; late payments need to be communicated to
  • December 16 – December 31: Late registration with greater registration fee: $35 - subject to place availability.
  • In January State Directors are identified from whom Math Kangaroo Managers would receive things for the competition day. The State Directors introduce themselves to the Centers Managers and verify delivery addresses during the month of January.
  • February 2 (not earlier, please): Each Math Kangaroo Manager can download her/his participants list from the password guarded Manager Page. If you prefer receiving your list in an excel form from our headquarters, please send e-mail to early in January.
  • During the first week of February after verifying with Manager Page: Each Manager sends email to the families of the registered students with reminder about the date, time, place of the competition and the manager's contact.  Please do not send that e-mail in January when the lists may not be finalized yet. If assistance with the e-mail is needed, please contact us at and we will be glad to help with the task as well. That helps with eliminating discrepancies possible during the enrollment.
  • March 1 - March 10: packages with T-shirts and gifts for the participants, the competition questions and answer cards are sent to the participating centers.  Managers are requested to verify the contents of the packages promptly and to communicate any discrepancies no later than on March 10 to their State Director.
  • Names of the participants are available on Manager Page as soon as their payment is recorded in Math Kangaroo database and until the winners are announced in May.
  • Math Kangaroo Competition takes place on third Thursday in March
  • On the Math Kangaroo Day: Managers make sure that each participant uses her/his answer card and returns it right after finishing solving the test.
  • At the places where the competition starts after four o'clock and there is just one session of the test all the participants are advised to take the questions papers home after the test. At all other places the managers need to make sure that neither question paper nor any notes are taken outside the competition room. They need to be returned to the participants on the following days. Please consider asking your participants to bring large envelopes (with their names on) for their papers at the centers where the competition starts early or you have more than one session.
  • Thursday or Friday morning after the test: All answer forms are mailed to Math Kangaroo in pre-addressed envelopes which are provided with the answer cards. If the envelope is lost, please check the address with your State Director. Include entire address (all information given) when addressing the envelope.
  • Answers not delivered to the headquarters by Monday after the test will not be scored for result.
  • March: Local Managers send congratulation e-mail to the participants and inform parents of the absent students how/when to claim their packages.
  • Registered students who do not attend the competition claim their packages from the local leaders in March and April only - in person if possible.
  • May 1 or shortly after : Information about National Winners is sent to the Managers and Families of the winners. Managers send congratulations email to the winners and inform when and where awards can be claimed in May or in June. The results are available from our web page at the same time.
  • May 1 - May 8: Packages with certificates and awards are sent to the State Awards Gala organizers or to the managers in states where statewide ceremonies do not take place.
  • National Winners list is published on by the last week of June.
  • Results are sent to families in e-mail during two last weeks of May.
  • May: Awards Moments take place at Math Kangaroo Centers across USA.  Feedback and reports on time volunteered are sent to Reimbursement for expenses needs to be requested in by the end of May.
  • Families of the winners who could not attend the awards ceremonies need to claim their awards from their local managers by June 1 - in person if possible.