Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for something specific? We've compiled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, and we continue to update and add more information while we receive additional questions. If you have any questions that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please email us at

General Questions

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  • How can we start a new Math Kangaroo center?
  • Please visit our "Start New Math Kangaroo Center" page for more info.

  • What is your privacy policy?
  • Your privacy is critically important to us, and we have a few fundamental principles:
    • We do not share or sell any personal information
    • All the information is accessible to a person or school who registered students only. If school registers a student then the school has access to the studentís information including the results.
    • We also do not share any results. However on our website we publish names of the winners on the national level (with their results) and the names of the state level winners. Parents' requests not to display winners' names are respected.
    • The information is kept in our database for as long as a student is participating in Math Kangaroo competition because sometimes longer participation contributes to the decisions about the top awards.

About Registration

  • I have not received an e-mail confirmation.
  • Please check your spam folder in your mailbox.
    In addition to an e-mail confirming your payment, you are sent registration confirmation e-mail with your participation center information and with links to practice materials. If the confirmation cannot be found, please contact us at on the day when you registered. Please include the student's name, level and the participation place: name, city, state.

  • How can I cancel my registration?
  • One may cancel registration at any time before payment is made by navigating to the Registration page and selecting My Students List. Next, select your studentís name and click Unregister/Remove. There are no refunds after payment has been made.

    Because of processing and banking fees there is a $2 charge for canceling of registration, or a $5 cancellation fee at the "Only Students of.." location if a student does not belong there.

  • How can I transfer to different Math Kangaroo Center
  • TBA

About the Test

  • How long do you keep answer cards?
  • Answer cards are kept eleven months after the competition.

  • How can I get a copy of my completed answer card?
  • Requests for photo-copies of cards involve manually sorting through thousands of such cards. Because of this, we would like to ask for a payment of $15 with your request for a copy of your studentís card to cover our labor costs. Click here to go to donation page.
    Include studentís id, name, level and the participation place: state, city, and institution name. The requests need to be directed to . Please allow up to two weeks for finding the cards and scoring them again at our place. Note: Answer cards are shredded eleven months after the competition.

  • My score seems to be incorrect.
  • There are different reasons why students lose points on the tests. In Math Kangaroo Competition they are:

    • Wrong answer
    • Missing answer
    • More than one answer for the same question

    Because of the great number of participants, Math Kangaroo in USA uses Scantron cards for studentsí answers and has them automatically scored by Scantron Corporation at their facility.
    In case we find that the card was not scored properly because of an error in our process, we will adjust the studentís score in the list of the results, and refund fee for requesting a copy of your answer card. Please be ensured that accuracy is among our objectives.

About Donations

  • What does my donation support?
  • All donations are used to support our mission of helping students love and enjoy math nationwide, and donations are used for:

    • participation fee for children from less fortunate families
    • lowering the participation fee
    • sponsoring awards for all participants, collage grants, international summer camps
    • funding math workshops for children and teenagers
    • providing postage, printing, marketing
  • Is Math Kangaroo non-profit organization?
  • Yes. We are non-profit tax exempt organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. More info here...

  • How do I make a donation?
  • We accept donations via:

    • PayPal - which a safe and widely-accepted online payment service which allows you to make secure donations using credit card, debit card or direct debit from your bank account. PayPal accepts Visa or MasterCard. Please click the "Donate" button at the top of this page and choose the amount you would like to donate to Math Kangaroo in USA. If you choose to make a single donation, PayPal does not require you to have a PayPal account - it is optional. If you choose to make regular monthly donations using the PayPal option, you will need a PayPal account.
      You may use link from our site "Donations" or click here to go directly to our PayPal account.
    • By check - To donate in this format, please write a check, payable to Math Kangaroo in USA and send it to:

      P.O. Box 56353
      CHICAGO, IL 60656

      Along with the check please send us your name and your mailing address.

  • Can I donate through United Way Program?
  • Yes. If United Way Program takes place at your work and allows donations to charities of your choice, please consider donating to Math Kangaroo in USA, NFP - Lisle, IL with the United Way Campaign. If you can commit $1.50 monthly in 2011, your child will receive free participation in Math Kangaroo 2012. $3 monthly in 2011 would give free p articipation two of your children in 2012.

  • Is my donation tax deductible?
  • Math Kangaroo in USA is a tax exempt organization under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. As such, all contributions are fully tax-deductible. Math Kangaroo in USA tax ID # is 20-0076861.

  • I need a receipt for tax purposes. Can you send me one?
  • We will be happy to send you a receipt. We need your name and address including zip code to pull your record. Please e-mail your request to