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You are cordially welcome to join our team of Math Kangaroo Leaders and Managers.

We are looking for educators who are willing to provide the opportunity of the Math Kangaroo experience to students in grades 1 thru 12.


Please read FIRST before you register a new Math Kangaroo Center


Dear Math Enthusiast,


Thank you for your interest in bringing students in your school to the world of Math Kangaroo Competition.

Before you decide to join our team, please see Math Kangaroo Calendar listed under Other Links.
Specific information about Math Kangaroo competition can be found on our Rules & Features page.
After you register your school, you will be asked a question if you limit enrollment to your students only or open door also for other students from the area - both answers are fine and welcome and one is required to set up a center in our database. Enrollment of the students takes place via our web page and needs to end by December 15th. Any student qualifies who can independently read and solve problems as our objective is to motivate children to focus on learning mathematics. Participation fee is $20 paid by parents, sometimes schools.
You will receive the questions booklets, answer cards, pencils, t-shirts, certificates of participation and gifts for all participants about a week before the test; you will send us back the answer forms right after the test. Students will take home the questions, t-shirts, gifts and certificates. In May we will send you awards for your winners.


Before you apply for a position of Math Kangaroo Manager, please ask yourself these questions.

If you answered "Yes" to all of the above questions then please continue with the steps to register new center. If you answered "No" to any of the questions then please ignore the remaining rest of the information.


Step 1 - Please introduce yourself.

The Math Kangaroo Center Registration Form will be sent to you upon receiving an e-mail from you at In the e-mail please introduce yourself and tell us where and why you want to host Math Kangaroo Competition.


Step 2 - Fill out new center registration form :

1. Click New Center Registration to submit a New Center Application.
2. Enter your information and submit to the Math Kangaroo team.
3. Confirm and Finish. Look into your inbox.
4. If you have more centers, repeat the same for each of them.
5. When your application is received you will be contacted within 48 hours.


Centers with private registration

Private centers accept just their students for registration and would provide their families with Center Private Code to be used on Registration page. If anybody shares the code with any outside family and they use it for registration, the enrollment will be canceled without refund.


Centers with open registration for any student

Any child can be registered for the centers found on the web page for Registration while space is available.


We are looking forward to new enthusiastic people who are willing to join us in our mission of helping students love math nationwide.

See you on the team!


Maria Omelanczuk

Founder & President